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    Cost Management and Enterprise Accounts

    BuildSmart is a web & SQL based Construction Cost Management and Enterprise Accounting system, designed by construction professionals specifically for the construction industry. BuildSmart integrates Costing, Project accounting and Enterprise accounting for real-time analysis and the effective construction management.

Software Integration

BuildSmart is a fully integrated Cost Management system:  Procurement – Payroll – Overheads – Plant & Equipment – Stores – Workshops: ALL sources of cost for any Organizational or Joint Venture structure, full multiple currency with optional but integrated: Document Management, Human Resources, Time & Attendance, and Business Intelligence modules resulting in a powerful Management Information System.

BuildSmart works directly with Candy resource budgets, provides strict control of the Procurement process, and returns to Candy accrued & actual cost information allowing real-time comparison to identify Cost Variances by Activity and Cost type for timely management action.

Construction companies have historically had such great difficulty producing this information because information is developed in many different locations and is often organized in divergent ways that make accurate comparison difficult at best, and usually impossible.

BuildSmart is a new generation of software, not a reworking of an old system.  It has been built with 30 years of experience with hundreds of clients.  These are the challenges that CCS understands and that BuildSmart has been designed to overcome.

BuildSmart is used in many of the world’s most demanding construction environments by very large and small contractors alike.

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Advanced Features

  • Procurement & Controls
  • Specialized Cost Ledgers
  • Payroll & Labour Costing
  • Plant & Equipment Costing
  • Contract Cost Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Document Management
  • Time & Attendance Systems
  • Human Resources Management
  • Enterprise Accounting

BuildSmart used globally

Many of the world’s largest contractors are users of CCS software.  If you are one of more than 8000 users of Candy worldwide, then BuildSmart Cost Management & Enterprise Accounts are a natural extension of your business for effective Cost Control.


Our offices in South Africa, India and the Middle East can install BuildSmart and convert your existing accounting methods to use the BuildSmart / Candy combination in a very short time.