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Construction Cost Management Systems in the Gulf

  • Construction Cost Management Software

    Dedicated software solutions for Contractors
    Together, our two major products join the strengths of the Candy Estimating and Project Control system with the BuildSmart Enterprise Accounting system to provide an integrated solution from first estimate to final accounts.

  • Estimating, Planning and Project Control

    An integrated single-package construction application designed with, and by industry professionals. The closely linked modules produce an accurate model and timeous forecasts of the project’s anticipated construction process.
    Candy’s strict control of resource rates, activity durations and projected cash requirements can also feed the BuildSmart Cost Management system its vital financial data to cost-manage all the projects in your enterprise.

  • buildSmart

    Cost Management and Enterprise Accounts

    BuildSmart is a web & SQL based Construction Cost Management and Enterprise Accounting system, designed by construction professionals specifically for the construction industry. BuildSmart integrates Costing, Project accounting and Enterprise accounting for real-time analysis and the effective construction management.


Construction Computer Software Middle East – Gulf

Used in over 50 countries by more than 1000 contracting, mining and consulting companies to minimise risk, increase accuracy and maximise profit, Construction Computer Software (CCS) provides essential software solutions to the construction industry and has been doing so for over 35 years. Our product offering, developed for contractors by contractors, includes BuildSmart, an Integrated Cost Management System and Candy, an Estimating and Project Control solution.

Candy32bit(small)Estimating, Planning and Project Control

Candy is a modern software suite focused on estimating and project control in the construction industry, a field in which we have gained enormous experience. We have specifically targeted the contractor’s software requirements, from taking-off, pricing and planning a project, controlling at site level, through to the final certificate.

buildSmart Cost Management & Enterprise Accounts

BuildSmart is a fully integrated Cost Management system:  Procurement – Payroll – Overheads – Plant & Equipment – Stores – Workshops: ALL sources of cost for any Organizational or Joint Venture structure, full multiple currency with optional but integrated: Document Management, Human Resources, Time & Attendance, and Business Intelligence modules resulting in a powerful Management Information System.

 Integrated Cost Management solution

BuildSmart works directly with Candy resource budgets, provides strict control of the Procurement process, and returns to Candy accrued & actual cost information allowing real-time comparison to identify Cost Variances by Activity and Cost type for timely management action.


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