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CCS Candy WEBINAR Series – Import/Export – Candy Planning with P6 & MSP

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Join us online, in the comfort of your office or home to learn more about Import/Export – Candy Planning with P6 & MSP. Planning data can be exchanged between Candy and other planning software like Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project (MSP). A program can be exported from Candy (SitePlan) via an XML file to the […]… read more

Candy Users – Candy Webinar: Description Matching & Auto pricing from Master: Monday, 21 Aug 2017

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Join us online, in the comfort of your office to learn more about Candy’s Description matching and Auto pricing from a Master. Description matching and Auto pricing is used to speed up the pricing process. With description matching, repeated bill items can be filtered easily and priced using the pricing against an already priced item […]… read more

Candy Users – Candy Subcontract Manager Webinar – Thursday, 20th July 2017

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Join us online, in the comfort of your office or home to learn more about Candy’s Subcontract Manager. The Subcontract Manager is used to manage payments to subcontractors. With the subcontractor’s bill residing in Candy, you will have better controls on the appointment of subcontractors and better controls on the management of progress quantities resulting […]… read more

Putting the ‘I’ in BIM

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See what Peter Damhuis, CCS Business Analyst has to say on “Putting the ‘I’ in BIM”, in this July 2017 issue of Big Projects. Peter Damhuis, CCS business analyst, observes that a comprehensive BIM strategy requires all project and asset information to be shared to succeed. “A popular misconception is that BM (Building Modelling) is in fact BIM (Building Information Modelling), and […]… read more

Windows 10 compatibility

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This week Microsoft released Windows 10. Candy We have tested Candy and it works well in both the 32- and 64-bit versions. We expect this to be our preferred operating system by year end. The Windows 10 Home version is not generally encouraged, since the Home versions of Windows do not support full networking capability. BuildSmart BuildSmart requires Internet […]… read more

Candy and .NET

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.Net is now a pre-requisite to running Candy. Many of the integration tools in Candy make use of .Net. Candy QTO is entirely written in .Net 4.0. Older tools were aimed at .Net 3.5. However, newer tools are based on .Net 4.0. Most users will not be affected by this because of the prevalence of […]… read more

Windows Service Packs

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Candy requires the latest service pack for the operating system that it is installed on. Security and other patches do not affect Candy. However, they do affect other tools that run in the same environment that Candy works in. For example, virus checking software. User’s are advised to keep their operating systems on the latest […]… read more

Candy on Citrix

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Major construction companies are running Candy on Citrix in Dubai, Australia and in the UK. There are many advantages to running in a virtual environment. From a Candy support and user experience point of view, Citrix solves the problem of low or intermittent bandwidth problems. Low quality networks, especially WAN or VPN networks, can cause […]… read more

Candy on Microsoft Virtual Desktop/Terminal Server and Citrix

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Candy runs successfully on these platforms. The advantage to Candy users is that network problems are removed. This is because only a ‘picture’ of the screen is sent to the user’s workstation. Everything else happens on the server or in the server farm. The advantage to IT management is centralised control of Candy and related […]… read more

Last Windows 2000 installation

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Candy version 2.00f was the last version that was Windows 2000 compatible. The last Candy client moved off Windows 2000 earlier this year. 2013 has also seen the movement of many users away from Windows XP. In fact, less that 15% of users are on this platform. Windows Visa does not feature in the user […]… read more