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CCS: Training

Training facilities

Our various offices provide one, two or three-day courses in the use of our products. We have dedicated lecture rooms in some centres, in some places we use a central training facility, otherwise training can be given at your premises. Lunch is served at our training rooms.

Please note that course availability may vary depending on the location of the course.


Formal courses

We offer training specifically related to the various modules of our Candy and BuildSmart systems. Every new user is strongly encouraged to take the course appropriate to their line of work. These are generally given in our training rooms in the case of Candy, where such facilities are available, at third party training facilities, or at the client’s premises.


Seminars and User Group meetings

In some regions, we periodically host seminars and user group meetings as refresher courses, industry get-togethers and as an opportunity to tell seasoned users about our new features and techniques. These half-day seminars are typically provided at a hotel or convention centre, with a light lunch provided.



We occasionally present lectures on our perspective of construction and mining at universities and other educational establishments.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses

These courses will bring new users up to speed and encourage existing users to take advantage of the powerful new features of our systems. New and better ways of using the software will be encouraged and users will be shown how to be more productive in their work. Users will be encouraged to explore these features outside of their usual domain, so that integration with colleagues becomes easier.

The Core courses are given to candidates from any company and are usually run in our training facilities; the ‘In-house’ courses are arranged with and given to employees of a single company, in which case the course may be run at the company’s premises.


Team Events

We occasionally get a group of clients together for a round of golf.  The industry golf-days are a useful time for general discussion, social networking and getting away from the office.

Candy training courses