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Construction Computer Software
Since 1982, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has focused on dedicated software solutions specifically designed for the Construction and Mining industries.  In 2008, CCS and BuildSmart merged to join the strengths of the Candy Project Control system with the BuildSmart Cost Management system providing an integrated solution from first estimate to final accounts.

The CCS teams are comprised of experienced, construction industry professionals.  Interaction between users and system designers is encouraged to ensure the solutions stay abreast of user requirements and developing industry trends.

Current users
CCS has more than 14000 users in over 50 countries including many of the world’s largest construction companies.

Installations are serviced by CCS offices, distributors and toll-free telephone support in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Bahrain.

Expert support

We pride ourselves on the service we deliver. All support personnel are only sourced from within the industry and have themselves encountered the problems and requirements of the industry. This allows them to give you expert advice relevant to the problem you might experience and how to apply our software to get the solution you require.

All licensed users have telephonic and electronic access to help desk personnel who offer expert advice in performing complex or unfamiliar tasks. System experts are also available by email, skype and fax.

Immediate expert assistance

Most of these numbers are local toll free numbers. See the Contacts page for a full list of all CCS contact details.

Courses on various topics are run regularly and can be arranged to be on-site or at the users’ premises.

On-going development
The system is continually being adjusted and extended to comply with changing conditions in the construction industry, new computer technology and user requirements