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  • Construction Cost Management Software

    Dedicated software solutions for Contractors
    Together, our two major products join the strengths of the Candy Estimating and Project Control system with the BuildSmart Enterprise Accounting system to provide an integrated solution from first estimate to final accounts.

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  • Estimating, Planning and Project Control

    An integrated single-package construction application designed with, and by industry professionals. The closely linked modules produce an accurate model and timeous forecasts of the project’s anticipated construction process.
    Candy’s strict control of resource rates, activity durations and projected cash requirements can also feed the BuildSmart Cost Management system its vital financial data to cost-manage all the projects in your enterprise.

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  • buildSmart

    Cost Management and Enterprise Accounts

    BuildSmart is a web & SQL based Construction Cost Management and Enterprise Accounting system, designed by construction professionals specifically for the construction industry. BuildSmart integrates Costing, Project accounting and Enterprise accounting for real-time analysis and the effective construction management.

    Real time cost control

Construction Cost Management Software

CCS produces two closely linked products for construction contractors.



Estimating, Planning & Project Control

With the industry’s most effective link between Budgeted Cost and Time (using interactive Estimating & Planning), Candy will produce a detailed Cost, Activity and Time project model.  Because this Candy model is built up from the most basic resources, individual resources budgets can be sent directly to BuildSmart to allow resource procurement with complete accuracy and effective control of both quantities and buying rates.



Cost Management & Enterprise Accounts

BuildSmart will then manage the complete Procure to Pay cycle and report ALL project costs in the same Cost and Activity matrix used in Candy to allow a one to one match between budget and actual for all resources.  BuildSmart reports all accrued costs, as well as costs for which payment has actually been made, so as to permit the one to one match in the same time periods used in the Candy model.

Used together, BuildSmart Cost Management and Candy Estimating and Project Control tie the financial processes to the physical processes of your enterprise construction projects. This means that an accurate and real time appraisal is presented of each construction project of your enterprise.


This is how the CCS Integrated Cost Management Solution makes it uniquely possible to identify the critical Cost Variances, and do so in enough detail and in time, to take effective cost control action.  This is how CCS provides unparalleled power to control cost, to protect margins and to increase cash flow.


“There is no business more challenging to manage than construction – huge expenditures on remote sites with new labour, new suppliers, and new external conditions to manage, to produce new end products, working with external design teams, challenging government regulation and unpredictable weather – all with margins often restrained after tight competitive bidding.“


Candy: Estimating, Planning & Project Control

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Cost Management & Enterprise Accounting

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